Frequently Asked ??

As Shakespeare once said, “The only stupid question is the one thou hath not ‘askedth’!!”

SERIOUSLY, we are open to finding out answers for our customers. Email us or pick up the phone, and give us a call! As Henry Ford was quoted as saying, “I can answer any question. Just give me five minutes to find the right person in that field to get an answer for you.”

(It might take us a little more than five minutes – we ARE upside-down turtles, after all, but we ARE also very willing to research your question if we don’t have the answer!)

The number one question we have received since incorporating has been:

I know that people are ALWAYS a lot more special and precious than they are made to believe themselves to be. We each work very hard each day. Even staid “Corporate America” needs a really good “chuckle” every once in a while! I had done artwork under this name for years, so when I started my own company, the name for my company just fell into place!